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The Formula 1 is the biggest boat we build for competition. It comes with all the latest safety features. We have a lot of options to adjust and tweak the boat to make it the best fit for you
The boat can be fitted with or without engine and power steering.


Over the years we have build numerous Formula 2 boats and with great success. We have several options of sponsons and of course comprehensive knowledge about the performance of the boat to meet drivers need and wishes.


The international formula 4 class is one of the fastest growing classes. The competition between teams and drivers are getting tougher.
Molgaard Racing is the producer with the most experience in building boats for this class.
10 years ago we developed and build the first boats to race the Scandinavian F4-s, today our boats are racing in championships around the world.
Our newest boat, the Generation 3, is made entirely from CNC milled moulds to ensure the highest precision and quality.


The smallest boat we produce. The formula 5 is developed for the German "Formula ADAC" and can be powered by as little as a 30 hp 4 stroke engine. The boat have similar features as the bigger classes, such as safety cockpit with build-in front window and integrated load bearing canopy.


The 2-seater is designed to carry two persons, the driver and a passenger seated side by side. This boat is not meant for racing, but still contains safety cell and F1 sponsons. It handles really well even fully loaded.